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Insight into manufacturing operations is critical for managers and operational staff.  They need to inspect current status, provide work instructions, analyze results from operations and to plan. Optimal provides Optel business intelligence tools in the form of dashboards, reports, work instructions and graphical documentation.

Optel business intelligence tools deliver information to setup the line, view instructions for the assembly, inspect current status of the work orders running and to report on production history.  Data in these reports span processes, materials, test results, throughput, and quality.  

Five business areas are covered by Optel Dashboards including scheduling, materials management, electronic documentation, performance monitoring and process/quality traceability. Optel Dashboards have data filters allowing users to select or narrow data needed in the report.  Example filters include process center, line, setup, circuit/panel serial number, assembly number, work order and date range.  

The dashboards are viewable via web browsers and provide data export to save the data as CVS file format for using the data in a spreadsheet.

Many of the Optel modules have reports built in for convenience with the functional module. For example, the Optel Work Order Management module contains a Component Traceability report.

Optel modules such as Plant Data Manager and Assembly Data Modeler allow display, print and export of reports for their respective areas.  

Electronic Documentation (EDoc)
To aid SMT line setup, Optel provides Electronic Documentation for the line. The Electronic Documentation, EDoc, provides work instructions for line setup.  The selection of views within EDoc includes work instructions for routing sheet, line setup, machine setup, parameter cards for screen printer and a reflow oven, feeder usage, board support, and feeder cart setup.   

Graphical Documentation (GDoc)
Graphical work instructions for box build and PCB assembly are typically static PDF files that are time-consuming to create and very difficult to change to reflect latest product revisions. Companies spend a large amount of time changing multiple documents for small changes in product designs or across families of products.

What is needed is a database-driven, modular, and dynamic state-of-the-art graphical documentation package that will allow for changes to be propagated to all products sharing common components. The paperless documentation should be created on the fly when needed on the shop-floor by dynamically generating work instructions from the latest information in the database. In this case, Optel provides a next generation database driven work instructions for parts, assemblies, and work orders.

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