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Dynamic Production Scheduling

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Dynamic Production Scheduling and Optimization
One of the major changes impacting the electronics assembly process is the shift to a higher mix, lower volume production model. Managing the complexities of this new manufacturing paradigm demands an innovative approach for automating and optimizing scheduling in order to fully maximize your production line output, while minimizing material costs, human intervention and headcount.
The PCB manufacturing execution process implemented in Optel is driven by a production schedule generated from work orders released by your manufacturing plant’s ERP system. Optel’s Optimized Dynamic Scheduling Module accommodates work order scheduling for multiple mixed-vendor and mixed-technology assembly lines. This module supports optimized family setups (common parts), single work order setups, and combined family and single board setups – enabling you to more easily adapt your assembly process to handle a wide variety of production environments, regardless of mix or volume require-ments. Optel also optimizes the fixed feeder setup, rather than just the groups; thus, the range of assemblies that can be included in a group is much broader, further increasing production and flexibility.

The powerful and configurable Dynamic Scheduling & Optimization  module is the key to competitiveness and profitability in a high mix,  low volume environment.
  • Powerful algorithms that have been honed over many  years do what computers do best: consider the many variables and  resources in a production environment then optimize them to achieve  production objectives.
  • Supports different optimization objectives, such  as minimizing makespan, minimizing feeder changeovers between setups,  earliest due date
  • Considers line balancing as well as line-to-line balancing, even in a multi-vendor environment
  • Supports efficient hot job handling, providing  quick and easy rescheduling capabilities to quickly react to production  disruptions and emergencies.
  • Grouped setups are generated and can be setup and verified off-line, reducing setups by 3-6x
  • Routing instructions, line setup document, and machine setup document are automatically generated
  • An accurate productivity analysis can be done  based on machine capabilities (down to nozzles and feeders) and material  availability
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