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Graphical Work Instructions

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Optel’s Graphical Documentation (GDOC) provides paperless graphical work instructions for box-build, circuit assembly, rework and for QA inspection. GDOC allows assembly instructions and multimedia content to be assigned to assemblies either at the component level or at the assembly level. Multimedia content including text, pictures, video, documents and links GDOC includes a graphical editor for engineers and a viewer for operations with work instructions centrally stored in the Optel database.

GDOC Features:
  • Hierarchical – Supports hierarchical BOM and creating work instructions for product assemblies that may contain multiple circuit assemblies or subassemblies.
  • Comprehensive – GDOC covers the complete process of manual assembly from scheduling and line balancing, to creating specific documents for each operator on the line.
  • Modular – Customers can chose to implement GDOC for single manual station, or to manage and control multiple manual assembly lines.
  • Dynamic Staffing Adjustments - Hand assembly can vary significantly by shift due to assembler staffing per shift causing major problems with static documentation, but with GDOC you quickly adjust the assembly instructions to the number of stations available by rebalancing the workload instructions for each station.
  • Dynamic Where-Used Inheritance – As work instruction changes are made at the part level or sub-assembly level, the work instructions are dynamically updated for all product assemblies that use that part or subassembly allowing instructions to be maintained once at the lowest level in the BOM hierarchy to support multiple products.
  • Multimedia Content- Any type of media can be used that the clients PCs or tablets have viewers for. Thus movies, pictures, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and more can be used.
  • Easy to Use – GDOC is very easy to use and engineers and operators can be trained in very short period of time.
  • Centrally Managed Documents - Manage assembly instructions in one place by using GDOC to create and link graphic electronic documentation to assemblies and to specific components.
  • Paperless – All documents are generated on the fly and displayed on the computer when needed. However, every document can be printed if necessary.
Graphical Documentation
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