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Optel-CheckSum MultiWriter (Dual Panel Fixtures)

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The Optel MES interface to the CheckSum MultiWriter for dual panel fixtures provides process control for the MultiWriter and records test results and traceability data. The CheckSum MultiWriter simultaneously programs multiple chips. The Optel interface is designed to handle dual fixture assemblies with multiple circuits per panel. The results are stored in the Optel traceability database. The interface integrates with Optel’s Quality management, control and reporting modules allowing for a centralized location for quality and process data monitoring.

Key Features:
• Collects MultiWriter pass/fail test results and defect traceability data for each circuit serial number for single and dual panel fixtures
• Operator interface
• Integrated to Optel Process Enforcement and Traceability Solution

The Optel – CheckSum MultiWriter interface is part of Optel’s Process Enforcement and Traceability solution, which includes:  upstream operations process enforcement, open defect checks, program verification checks, and locking (conveyor or machine).

MultiWriter™ is trademarked by CheckSum LLC.

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