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In today’s complex electronics assembly environment, management insight and control over all phases of the production process is mission critical. Plant  managers and production operations managers are constantly being challenged to find new and better ways to meet changing production demands and schedules, automate manual processes, optimize production capacity, reduce costs, and achieve new efficiencies that lead to greater profitability.
Optel is a comprehensive suite of software solutions for electronics manufacturing design based on the following principles:

  • Simplify – We believe in simple and powerful solutions and Optel is designed to provide such solutions to our customers. Optel is designed to support a lean manufacturing environment.
  • Integrate – Optel is database driven with over 300 database tables that model and integrate all functions in an electronics manufacturing shop floor. Data integration is essential to be able  to control and measure processes and react to unexpected disturbances.
  • Measure – To be able to control a manufacturing system, we need to be able to measure its performance. Optel provides real time measurements of plant, line, and machine performance and downtime reasons and times.
  • Control – From  dynamic production scheduling, machine optimization and programming and real time communication with all types of equipment, Optel controls process execution and prevents defect or incomplete products to be shipped to the customer.
  • Optimize – Optel includes state of the art optimization algorithms to optimize production and maximize the throughput.

Optimal Electronics’ Optel MES solution begins where ERP/MRP ends -- providing the ability to integrate and communicate with production equipment, and interface in a standard way to your company’s ERP/MRP, other MES, and reporting systems. Optel is designed to work with your ERP/MRP systems to enable the seamless sharing of information and improved shop floor control. The specific information that is exchanged depends on the Optel modules implemented.
Optel Interfaces
Optel is the most comprehensive and powerful software system for managing the PCB manufacturing process. It implements Lean Manufacturing best practices, resulting in increased agility, throughput and quality, while reducing costs and setup times. This state-of-the-art system comprises a full suite of modules all integrated by a single global database.
Key capabilities:
  • Assembly data modeling
  • Scheduling and balancing
  • Optimization and clustering
  • Multi-SMT programming
  • Global component library
  • Electronic Documentation
Key capabilities:
  • Receiving and serialization
  • Inventory and Storage management
  • Multi-staff picking and putaway with mobile devices
  • Kitting
  • Offline and online setup verification
  • Placement machine control and setup execution
  • Machine material usage and scrap capture
  • Feeder management
  • MSD
Key capabilities:
  • Component traceability
  • Process control and traceability
  • Graphical build instructions - hand place and box
  • Defect tracking
  • Repair and RMA
  • Oven/screen printer control
  • SPI/AOI and Test Machine data collection
Product capabilities
Typical results:
  • Up to 50% production increase
  • 15 - 80% changeover reduction
  • Up to 65% reduction in changeover time
  • 10 - 50% material handling and setup headcount reduction

Typical results:
  • 33% to 75% reduction in setup time
  • 50% to 80% reduction in part counting and locating time
  • 50+% reduction in feeder failures on the machine
  • 60% savings in feeder maintenance labor
  • 33+% scrap reduction
  • 5 to 50% Lower headcounts
  • Accurate inventory and usage and scrap feedback to ERP

Typical results:
  • Margin improvements
  • Reduced recall impact
  • Achievement of ISO and customer requirements
  • Right components on the right circuit assemblies
  • Ensure production process compliance
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