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The following Optel brochures are available for download.
Optel Powered Smart Factory

Optimal Electronics Corporation provides innovative smart factory solutions for electronics manufacturing. Our Manufacturing Execution Software, Optel, controls processes in electronics manufacturing plants, from materials management, production scheduling, machine programming, through component, process, and quality traceability.
Optel - Component Traceability

Optimal Electronics’ powerful Optel Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides comprehensive capabilities for accurate work order level, panel level, and component circuit level traceability by interfacing directly with SMT placement machines on the production line. Optel enables online setup verification to be fully automated, ensuring that the correct parts are loaded into the correct SMT machine slots. With the Optel system, your manufacturing operation can also leverage automated capabilities for real-time component cycle counting and advanced parts outage warnings to significantly reduce machine downtime and increase production output.
Optel - Materials Management

Optel's Materials Management Module provides real-time visibility and control of materials movement and status throughout the shop floor — enabling you to meet production demands, without excess inventory. The system’s key capabilities include license plating, storage management, receiving and kitting, machine setup and verification, and ERP/MRP synchronization.
Optel - Optimized Dynamic Scheduling

Optel's  Dynamically Optimized Scheduling Module uses a three-tiered approach to automatically optimize production, based on advanced mathemat-ical algorithms and selected business rules. Unlike other software grouping approaches that only enable the grouping of two or three work orders in a static one-time event, Optel’s Optimized Dynamic Scheduling module provides innovative dynamic re-optimization capabilities.

Optel - Quality Management and Process Traceability

Optel’s Quality Management Module provides quality traceability data, statistical process control, test data and defect logging, and reporting. Optel’s quality management tools provide the ability to capture and manage defects, repairs, testing, DPMO and yield data for circuit assemblies, to the serial number level, for management, supervisors and customer reporting.

Optel - Graphical Documentation (GDOC)

Optel’s Graphical Documentation (GDOC) provides paperless graphical work instructions for box-build, circuit assembly, rework and for QA inspection. GDOC allows assembly instructions and multimedia content to be assigned to assemblies either at the component level or at the assembly level.
Optel Solutions for SMT lines with MYDATA Machines

Optimal Electronics provides optimized solutions for electronics manufacturers with Mycronic’s MYDATA placement machines. Optel increases MYDATA utilization, reduces setup errors, and lowers cost. This is achieved by addressing complete materials management, off line setup, machine optimization and programming, component traceability, machine performance monitoring and downtime tracking. Real time communication with MYDATA TPSys server enables these solutions.
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