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Real Time SMT Performance Monitoring

New Product Spotlight
Optel’s Performance Monitoring solution automatically captures and tracks run-time, setup-time, idle-time, and downtimes for pick and place machines using machine performance data captured in real time. Optel captures the data and displays it for each pick and place machine.
If the machine downtime exceeds pre-defined “Downtime Threshold Time” Optel displays a dialog for the SMT operator to select the downtime reason and enter a comment if needed. The plant team defines the downtime event reasons for the plant.
Performance Monitoring
The Performance Monitoring module’s key features are:
  • Performance data graphs displayed by hour/shift/day/month.
  • Pareto charts report downtime event frequency and event down times
  • Downtime data capture with customer defined downtime reasons as selected by operators.

Optel Performance Monitoring bar chart shows the pick and place machine performance by:
  • Run-time
  • Setup-time
  • Idle-time
  • Downtime (customer defined reasons – e.g., material shortage, technical, machine maintenance, break/meal time

Additional Features
Current Setup Status displayed includes open-time, run-time, next setup’s feeder verification status in offline setup.   

The machine efficiency displayed for each machine includes:
  • Ideal cycle time per circuit assembly,
  • Actual cycle time per circuit assembly,
  • Machine efficiency
  • OEE %
  • Utilization %

The primary benefits of Performance Monitoring are to gain real-time insight into machine utilization and downtime, and reasons for downtime.

Communicate Performance and Status
  • Use display monitors to communicate SMT machine performance, setup status and efficiency to SMT operations team
  • Provide real-time team performance feedback by hour, shift, week, or date range
  • Instant next-setup progress/status (requires Optel Materials Management)
  • Demonstrates to customers/internal staff that SMT lines are under control

Monitor / Manage Performance
  • Measure and monitor improvements to machine run-time, setup-time, idle-time and downtime by shift, week, month (e.g., training, response time and process improvements)
  • Define corrective actions and process improvements based on downtime events with reason codes using Pareto Charts
    • by event downtime count frequency
    • by total event times in minutes

Plant Integration
  • Optel collected data from machine, offline setup and SMT line staff for downtime
  • Integrates with other Optel modules (e.g., Optel Materials Management)
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