Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“We evaluated all of the industry leading software solutions during our search for a new tool to manage our PCB assembly process. Optel was the only software capable of successfully modeling our production processes and practices (group  setups, data management of multiple machines, etc.) utilizing legacy data and actually producing boards during our trials. Optimal Electronics  continues to impress us with their abilities to deliver innovative new features and provide outstanding technical support.”

Process & Product Engineering Manager
National Instruments, Austin

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“Our high mix PCB manufacturing environment benefits from Optel’s powerful dynamic scheduling algorithms, coupled with its machine optimization and program generation capabilities. Integrating Optel into our broader MES architecture helps us better balance multiple assembly lines, automatically program a variety of machines, and schedule setups instead of work orders. Schedule control and visibility is an important aspect of our strategy for cost-effective electronic assembly in North America, and Optel compliments the capabilities of our own plant-wide information applications, the FactoryTalk Production and Performance Suite.”

Director, Operations
Rockwell Automation


“Because of the complex nature of our products and a very high mix production environment, we needed to find a solution for large and frequent setups and inexact inventory levels. Optel helped to solve our problems by allowing us to create grouped work order setups, and provide inventory accuracy and traceability through a comprehensive materials management system. The materials management system allows for materials receiving, bar-coding, storing and verification, plus integration with our ERP system for real-time component consumption and scrap deduction. We have a long and positive experience of working with Optimal Electronics, and we are very satisfied with the quality of Optel software and the support that Optimal Electronics provides.”


Process Engineering Manager
Banner Engineering