Dr. Ranko Vujosevic

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer

Ranko founded Optimal Electronics in 1996 and remains the visionary behind the value Optimal Electronics brings its customers. Through his work in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Dr. Vujosevic developed unique technologies which dramatically increase the throughput of manufacturing, machining, and robotic assembly operations. As Chief Technology Officer he continues to lead the development of innovative solutions for Optimal Electronics customers. By working directly with customers to understand their most difficult challenges, he guides the company’s engineering team to translate those requirements into  solutions. Prior to founding Optimal Electronics he worked as a Research  Scientist at the University of Iowa’s Center for Computer Aided Design.  Dr. Vujosevic earned his B.Sc. (University of Belgrade, 1983) and M.Sc.  (Vanderbilt University, 1989) in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. (University of Iowa, 1992) in Industrial Engineering.