AUSTIN, TX – Optimal Electronics Corporation, a global provider of smart factory software solutions for the electronics assembly industry, is pleased to announce that the company provides process control and traceability solutions for clean rooms and MEMS sensor assembly. With this, the company has introduced dispense process control and traceability for Nordson ASYMTEK machines.

Optimal Electronics Founder and CEO Ranko Vujosevic, Ph.D., stated: “As part of our continuing focus on process control and traceability for sensor manufacturing in clean rooms, we developed a real-time process control and traceability solution for Nordson ASYMTEK machines, more specifically the Spectrum II series. The solution is integrated into our complete clean room traceability solution with wafer sorting, sensor plasma cleaning, and die attach by pick-and-place machines.”

The solution features include:
· Remote communication and control of multiple ASYMTEK machines using SECS/GEM from a single application.
· Recipe and SPC test program verification
· Complete traceability of the dispense fluid
· Glue thaw and expiration time control
· Interface to customers’ legacy MES system
· Enforcement of closed-loop process control for consistent dispense weight

The solution is proven and in production at large global sensors/automotive electronics plants. Installation of the system takes only a few days and most work is performed remotely.

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